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Eye Skin Care

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive to the skin than others. To the skin around the delicate eye is charged with special care to stay healthy and beautiful.

For eye care, dermatology experts to create special eye creams are safe to use in the area around the eyes. Very light textured eye cream specifically formulated for skin around the eyes.

There are several benefits of eye creams which can be obtained, among others, is to relieve eye fatigue, eye strain and gives relaxation to eyes. Eliminate the black shadow around the eyes and reduce swollen. By applying eye cream before bed, will prevent and correct wrinkles around the eyes.

Eye cream also provides moisture to the eye so that the eyes appear bright shine and reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.
Before you use eye cream you should learn some kind of eye cream. For afternoon cream then you can apply during the day. Now available eye cream containing sunscreen that can protect the area around the eyes from sun damage. For a night cream, usually designed specifically to help prevent further damage of the skin. While the cream is not specific to provide moisture to the around the eyes. Every time you use an eye cream to prevent dryness, apply a very lightly patted with the finger or pinkie ring. This finger produces a mild applause.

How to apply eye cream is appropriate when applying eye cream, do not pull or rub the skin around the eyes. Start from the inner corner of eye and moving outwards. Do the same thing when applying eye cream on the upper lid.

Massage your eyes with the tip of the index finger and thumb, pinch the nose to the eyebrows from the outside. Perform this massage to release tension and eye fatigue, so you can repeat this movement as much as 7 (seven) times.

With the second and third fingers, rub around the eye. Apply pressure on the bridge of the nose and temples, but do not pull the delicate skin around the eyes. Last is to remove excess cream eye. Good luck
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